We provide Gradle plugins and documentation to help you build good things with Gradle and Kotlin.


The Gradle plugin de.fayard.buildSrcVersions is our first attempt at making managing Gradle dependencies easier.

It provides a task $ ./gradlew buildSrcVersions that generates two files buildSrc/.../Libs.kt and buildSrc/.../Versions.kt with dependencies definitions and versions that you can use wherever you want in your Gradle build.


// top-level "./build.gradle(.kts)"
plugins {
  id("de.fayard.buildSrcVersions") version "0.7.0"

Read the friendly documentation


We have exciting plans coming for the future!

The Gradle plugin de.fayard.refreshVersions will be the core of a better solution to manage dependencies.

It provides a task ./gradlew refreshVersions that extract the dependencies versions to a file versions.properties

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The Gradle plugin de.fayard.dependencies will make it easier and much faster to add common dependencies to your build.

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For Android devs: com.louiscad.splitties

Android devs deserve a special attention, because they have a greater need to make their builds simpler.

The Gradle plugin com.louiscad.splitties will provide additional features for them:

  • a task ./gradlew androidDoctor will detect common Android build problems
  • a task ./gradlew migrateToAndroidX will provide a simple, fast and reliable way to migrate from the Android support libraries to AndroidX
  • what else? time will tell.

Trying it out and contributing

Don't use refreshVersions on production yet, we are moving fast and breaking things!

But do however explore the samples at https://github.com/jmfayard/gradle-dependencies-plugins

Follow this issue https://github.com/jmfayard/gradle-dependencies-plugins/issues/104

Edit the code source of this website at https://github.com/jmfayard/website-builtwithgradle

Discuss with us in Slack at kotlinlang#gradle-refresh-versions


Fork this site at https://github.com/jmfayard/website-builtwithgradle

Deploy it locally with $ ./gradlew orchidServe

Netlify will deploy it at Source for the website https://builtwithgradle.netlify.com/

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